Writing Samples

Elizabeth Lutyens
Photography by Michael Mauney

Copywriting Samples

By Nature and Design
By Nature and Design

Brochure to tell the story of environmental awareness and action at Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC

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Warren Wilson College Annual Report
Gentle on the Land: The Orr Years

Profile for Annual Report, Warren Wilson College

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An All-Girls Education
An All-Girls Education: Competence, Confidence, Connectedness

Concept and copy for independent school brochure

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Feature Story Samples

Taming the Too-Big House
With feng shui, less is much, much more

Nancy and Greg Forsythe bought their house in southeast Asheville for the view. For the five-acres of privacy. For the surrounding woods, a playground for their two German Shepherds. And they liked the rugged post-and-beam, mountain-lodge style of the house with its passive solar feature. After living there for six years and approaching retirement age, they considered moving from this 4,000-square-foot home and building a smaller one. The idea of “building green” was especially attractive to them, but they decided that they weren’t up to the demands of composting toilets and wood-burning stoves. And they didn’t see a setting anywhere that they liked as much as their own land. Read full story (PDF)

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Author of Books for Target Audiences

So Grows The Tree Addio di Bicari
Concord Unfolded Opera Small Talk Nashoba Brooks